Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Taking charge of the general administration of the Agency;
  • Advising on general administration matters in thee Agency;
  • Responsible for assisting in the formation of policies and their execution;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of discipline and cohesion in the Agency;
  • Preparation of Annual Estimates of the Agency and staff turnover in conjunction with the directorate of finance and accounts.

Finance and Account Department

  • Taking charge of the accounting duties in the Agency;
  • Advising in the disbursement of funds of the Agency;
  • Taking charge of the disbursement of funds of the Agency;
  • Advising the Chief Executive, the Accounting Officer and other Departmental Head on accounting matters;
  • Responsible for the development and installation of efficient accounting system of the Agency with appropriate in-built controls as approved by the Office of the Accountant General in line with the financial regulations.

Field Operations Department

  • Coordinates the technical operations;
  • Involves in policies and programmes formulation
  • Also involves in specilised tree crops extension services.

Extension Services Department

  • To liaise with all relevant research Institutions for the collection of latest research technologies on Tree and Horticultural crops;
  • Dissemination of improved technologies from relevant research institutions on Tree and Horticultural crops to the farmers;
  • Coordination of Tree and Horticultural crop’s farmers training/workshops;
  • Coordination of fields staff training workshops.

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

  • Records of all farmer’s challenges/problems for onward transference to relevant research Institutions to proffer solutions;
  • Registration and training of Tree and Horticultural crop’s farmers on farm practices and agro-processing technical skills;
  • Coordination of NYSC corps members and Industrial Training students on Tree and Horticultural crops production and processing;
  • Preparation of the unit’s activities monthly reports and the progress report for onward submission to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.