Some Achievements

Past and recent projects carried out by the agency

Achievements of the Oyo State Cocoa Development Unit

  • A total of 100,000, 5,000, and 20,000 numbers of seedlings of cocoa, cashew and oil-palm respectively were raised in the 2019 planting season and distributed to the State farmers at subsidized prices to boost tree crops production in the State;
  • 30,000 capacity Nurseries of cocoa seedlings have been established at the Unit Extension Works Stations at Moore Plantation and Oyo, for distribution to the farmers in the year 2020 planting season;

  • The balance of 6,485 of the four (4) five-thousand oil palm nurseries, of the 2018/2019 planting season were established at the Unit’s Extension Works Station in Oyo, Ogbere and Iyana Ofa.