Objectives & Functions

At our agency every units and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the agency as we serve the public. 

Establishment of Tree Crops

Establishment of Tree Crops seed Gardens to provide planting materials for raising improved seedlings and tree crops farms for optimum yield from the present 450 kg/ha to 1 metric tone/ha.

Economic Development

General development and improvement of Tree and Horticultural crops, which are the major economic crops in the state.

Production of Seedlings

Production and distribution of disease resistant, high yielding and early maturing seedlings of tree and horticultural Crops at highly subsidized prices.

Procurement of Equipment

Procurement and distribution of Tree Crops inputs and equipment to farmers at affordable prices.

Provision of Technical Advice

Provision of technical advice to farmers on pre-planting, post-planting operations of Tree and Horticultural Crops as well as farm visitations to ensure adequacy of farm operation by farmers.

Training of Technical Staffs

Training of technical staff and farmers on pre-planting, planting and post-planting operations for Tree and Horticultural crops.